Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Official NHL 8ft Tailgate Tables

Skip's Garage is proud to now offer Official 8ft NHL Tailgate Tables! We currently have 12 teams and will be getting more soon! Check out our listing on our eBay Store to get your NHL table today!

The Official NHL Tailgate Table is the ultimate tailgate table!
Now you can play anywhere, and store the table away when you're done. The base is constructed from super strong aluminum making it very durable. The designed surface is coated with a tough lamanent to protect against spilt beer, sun damage, scratches, etc. This lamanent not only makes for a very easy cleanup, but also makes our tailgate table surface perfect for bouncing!
Quit ruining your kitchen table, our high quality tailgate table is an investment that will be enjoyed for countless nights to come!
  • The NHL tailgate table weighs only 23 lbs.
  • When the table is open it is 8 feet long, 2 feet wide and 27.5 inches high.
  • When the table is closed it is 2 feet by 2 feet by 5 inches.
  • NHL tables fold into a briefcase for perfect mobility and storage.
  • This table has one of the highest quality playing fields you will ever play on.
  • Get your Official NHL Tailgate Table Today!

* Table will ship out within 24-48 hours of receiving payment and will arrive within 3-7 business days depending on your location in the USA!


Anonymous A-Team said...

Totally agree with Bean bags - but not in a spammy way! That table is saaaaaweeeet

Stopping by cuz I Gotta Say, check out www.allin-1e.com - it could really be the fun thing for break time between beer pong bouts!!

April 5, 2012 at 3:45 PM  
Blogger MEC Garcia said...

That looks so simple to me. I hope you could produce one of the best tailgating accessories next time, that would really be appreciated a lot.

June 5, 2013 at 5:53 AM  

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