Friday, April 2, 2010

Smashing Time Splits?

In a shocking beer pong update the other day, and only weeks before the next World Series of Beer Pong, last years winning team “Smashing Time” has removed themselves from the official team list of the WSOBP V. Now the team name of “New & Improved” which currently consists of Michael “Pop” Popielarski and Jason Chichester has taken its place. Also to be rumored a team up of Ron Hamilton and Ron Lester. This rumor has been adamantly denied by Ron Lester’s current partner Tom Feliz.

This has really stunned the beer pong world folks! Who will be the team that Ron signs up and will they have a show down with New & Improved in the next WSOBP? Stay tuned folks.

More info can be found from Bpong here.


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