Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We hope every one had a safe and exciting Halloween weekend. We’ve been celebrating the festivities as well, but we’ve also been working hard to make sure we deliver the quality and service that our passionate friends and customers deserve. Imagine if you could go around the neighborhood with a goody bag on Halloween and collect beer pong accessories or even an inflatable floating beer pong table! Now that would be something! Think of Skip's as the cool neighbors on the street who give out bags of Skittles and Snickers for Halloween.

In conjunction with one of our personal favorite holidays, we are offering incredible specials on our beer pong tables, folding beer pong tables, and inflatable floating beer pong tables. Let’s not forget that we are in the midst of NFL and NCAA Football season!

We also wants to remind you of our new line of wooden beer pong tables. The designs are great, and this just brings another element to Skip’s Garage. Please keep up with our blog and we will keep you updated with Skip's Beer Pong News!


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