Friday, October 2, 2009

Skip’s Oktoberfest

Skip's Garage understands the importance of beer. It’s a staple in our business, and we know how much our great customers love it. In celebration of the great tradition of Oktoberfest started by our great compatriots from Deutschland, we would like to do a little celebrating of our own.

What better way to drink great German (or American) beer and celebrate Oktoberfest than on a wonderful folding table or an inflatable floating beer pong table that we happen to stock on our lovely websites. Inflatable tables from portOpong continue to surprise us with their versatility and great use. Seriously when you’re all packed to take a flight to Germany, what’s better than to stuff your inflatable table into your suitcase or back pack?! If you have enough cabin room on your flight, you might as well blow it up and play pong with the flight attendants!

We also has other great deals to commemorate this festive occasion. We are excited to introduce a new line of custom wooden beer pong tables. We also have a very nice Mary Jane table to keep up with the celebration theme! The designs are great, and this just brings another element to Skip’s Garage.


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