Friday, September 11, 2009

Skip's In Session

We at Skips and had a great summer and is optimistic that every one else did as well. The great parts about summer time are the beaches, summer jobs to make some money, catching up with friends and family, BBQs, and our personal favorite, playing beer pong. Fortunately, beer pong is an all-seasons activity. Now that students are returning back to school they can put all that summer practice to good use.

As responsible members of today’s society, Skip’s encourages all students to make sure they come back to school prepared with the right supplies. You should have your books, paper, pens, pencils, backpacks, meal cards, television, late night snack box, condoms, and an inflatable floating beer pong table or folding beer pong table of course! For the students on a budget, we also have the starving student table, a mini beer pong table for the smallest dorm room, and even an inflatable table that can fit inside your backpack when it is deflated. Yes, innovation is our middle name in case you were wondering, and it is our job to think outside the box and into your dorm rooms.

With that said study hard kids so you don’t flunk out of college, and keep the partying spirit alive. We know personally that school can have its share of joy and pain. We just hope that we can make it a little more enjoyable with an occasional game of pong to take your mind off of the pressures!


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