Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Extravaganza

We hope everyone had a safe and exciting Labor Day weekend. As we all know this signals the end of the Hampton’s parties, warm weather, and ultimately the end of the summer season for 2009. 

It was a great summer and if you had a portOpong floating inflatable beer pong table or a Poolside pong floating beer pong table to play with, then you had an even hotter summer. However, the end of summer does not mean that you have to pack everything up. These floating tables can also be used on all surfaces indoor and outside. If that doesn’t float your boat (pun intended) then we have tons of other cool tables with hot designs. We are working hard to get you the awesome beer pong tables that you love and equally cool party supplies to complement our line of tables!

Make sure you carry over the fun of summer into this fall. Remember that the Baseball World Series is right around the corner, and most importantly, it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!


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