Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stop the War Against Beer Pong!

A little over a year ago Time magazine published an articled entitled “The War Against Beer Pong” after video game designer JV Games had decided to make a beer pong video game for the Wii. After complaints from numerous anti-fun politicians and over concerned parents JV Games decided to rename the game “Pong Toss” and fill the cups with water instead of beer.

Now, we here at AllBeerPong and Skip's don’t promote binge drinking even though we like to talk about having a good time. In fact, we support the idea of using water as an alternative to beer because sometimes you don’t want to be drinking out of the same cups as the guy with the cold sores on his lips or maybe you’re playing in your prude girlfriend’s living room and she’ll flip out if you spill beer on her oriental rugs. When you play with water, no one says you have to drink the water in the cups. However, Dartmouth decided to ban “Water Pong” because they were concerned with hyponatremia, otherwise known as water intoxication.

The University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Tufts University have banned drinking games. Georgetown University has gone so far to ban beer pong, specially made beer pong tables, and inordinate numbers of ping pong balls and any other alcohol related paraphernalia in its on-campus dorms.

So, we here at AllBeerPong and Skip's Garage ask you to join the resistance and help end the war against beer pong. Fight for every future student that will learn more about life from a crazy college road trip than they will from a boring philosophy class. Let the man know that you enjoy partying, and that you don’t plan on ever stopping. Let them ban books again, just not beer pong!


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