Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Supplies

When you were in 4th grade you went back to school shopping for new clothes and the coolest looking trapper keeper. Now, at least a decade later you need to spend the little money you have on things that matter. That’s why we know that once you’ve got your books and a few pens and pencils it’s time to buy what really counts. Beer. And everything else that has to do with drinking and having a good time. After all, what would college be without the back to school parties?

This is the reason why we’re having our own back to school special. Enter coupon code SCHOOL for $5 dollars of your next order before Labor Day. Get your hands on the starving student table which will fit in even the smallest dorm room, go extravagant with the Digi Pong, or keep the summer going with an inflatable table from portOpong! Whatever kind of table you’re ready to make the center piece of furniture in your dorm room or apartment, we have it!


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