Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MLB Tailgate News

Opening day 2014 saw a range of surprises and not so surprises. Most teams elected to have their best starting pitcher in for that day, while some teams, like the unfortunate Rangers were forced to use a different pitcher due to injury. In the Rangers' case, their ace, Yu Darvish, was on the 15 day DL for back issues. He was previously scheduled to start opening day. In his place was reliever turned starting pitcher Tanner Scheppers. Somewhat predictably, the Rangers' afternoon did not go as they'd hoped. Between Scheppers and the Rangers pen, they allowed 14 runs to the Phillies in an eventual 14-10 loss. The Rangers did recover in the next two games of the series as they won both in walk-off fashion.

Elsewhere in the AL West, the suddenly surprising Mariners shellacked the LA Angels 10-3 with their ace, Felix Hernandez on the mound. The Mariners would go on to sweep the Angels in the next two games of the week, partially due to the sudden emergence of Justin Smoak as a hitter. The Mariners take on another AL West rival in the Oakland A's next.

The NL West SF Giants also put their ace on the mound for opening day against the Arizona Diamondbacks, in the form of Madison Bumgarner. However, he left the game after four innings and four unearned runs. The Giants struggled considerably in the first half of the game, down 7-3 by the sixth inning. They rallied in the end, thanks in part to catcher Buster Posey's two run homerun in the 9th. The Giants won 9-8 and would go on to lose the next game, before winning the third. The fourth game, which you can catch on MLB Extra Innings DirecTV packages if you’re not in the New York area, is set to showcase the Giants' former ace in Tim Lincecum. After an uneven starting role the previous year, baseball fans and analysts will be watching closely to see if he returns to form.

Meanwhile, in the NL East, the Mets became the target of sports radio controversy when their second baseman Daniel Murphy took three days of paternity leave to start the season. Including missing opening day. The Mets lost the opening day game to the Washington Nationals. However, that gave Nationals manager Matt Williams his first win as a major league manager. Daniel Murphy eventually took to the airwaves on Thursday after the Mets lost again on Wednesday to address criticism of his decision.

In the AL East, the rival Red Sox and Orioles faced off in an opening series. The Orioles started Chris Tillman on the mound and he pitched five innings and allowed one run before being relieved by Zach Britton. However, the real highlight was new acquisition Nelson Cruz, formerly of the Texas Rangers and formerly suspended for steroid use. Cruz joined Chris Davis as a home run threat and immediately delivered with a tie-breaking blast in the seventh inning. The O's had Tuesday off, but lost the Wednesday game against the Sox 6-2.

In the NL Central, the Reds and Cardinals resumed their rivalry with a game that stayed blank until Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina hit a solo home run in the seventh inning. That turned out to be the winning run as neither team scored again. Previously, Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright and Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto tossed seven innings of no run baseball, each only allowing three hits. The Molina home run effectively ended Cueto's night along with the deadlocked zeros.

Skip's Garage is happy to bring you the latest and greatest on opening week in the the MLB in order to prep everyone for baseball tailgate season! You support your favorite team this season with an officially licensed MLB tailgate product here!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

MLB Tailgate Season is Coming!

That time is approaching once again for baseball fans as the dreary winter months finally wind down and and anticipation builds for another season of Major League Baseball - the pros are already deep into Spring training, and it won’t be long before opening day later this March. This is a particularly exciting pre-game season, with all the recent news about some of the biggest stars in MLB...

For one thing, New York Yankee’s veteran Derek Jeter recently announced that he will be retiring from Major League Baseball after this season. Jeter’s final season will be his 19th as starting shortstop for the Yankees. “I took a lot of time thinking about this,” Jeter told the press during a “Q and A” session at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa last week, and went on to stress that it was the pain he felt daily because of his ankle injury. Jeter stressed, however, that he still has a full season up ahead of him. He plans on playing the full year, and he’ll be wrapping up a highly celebrated run, and leaving baseball with over 3,300 hits and thirteen all-star game appearances to his credit.

And as one star prepares to hang it up, another star is starting to take stride in Washington, D.C. There has been considerable hype surrounding the young Stephen Strasburg, who first garnered national attention while still a college athlete pitching for the San Diego State Aztecs. He won the bronze medal for the United States in 2008 Summer Olympics, which further catapulted him towards super-star status. When he graduated from, he was highly sought after by the major leagues and arrived on the Nationals with expectations higher than the Washington Monument. Although he hit some bumps in his professional career early on, injuring the elbow of his pitching arm during his first professional season with the Nationals, he’s reportedly back in top form now, and there is talk of an All Star or even Cy Young-worthy season in 2014.

Speaking of bouncing back from injuries, fans of the Los Angeles Angels are excited to see Albert Pujols finally return to the diamond this season. Pujols encountered several setbacks last year because of a foot injury, and turned in a campaign full of all-time low performances: he scored only 17 home runs, played in only 99 games, and had a batting average of only .258. Consider that this is the same Albert Pujols who won the National League’s “Rookie of the Year Award” his first year with the Cardinals, and it’s obvious that for him that was a poor showing. Pujols insists that he’s going to pace himself this season, and he won’t strain to go beyond the scope of what he can do without hurting himself, for fear that he would ultimately have to spend even more time off the field, so let’s hope he sticks to that approach.

For those of us eager to spend time near the field again as the season gets into gear, tailgating is the way to go, so you might consider getting some officially licensed party gear to help support your favorite team. Yankees fans will no doubt love the tailgate tables with their logo, great for snacks, or for beer pong. Mean while Strasburg fans down in DC can make use of the Washington Nationals plastic tailgate toss, which comes complete with eight bean-bags and fold-in legs. Angels fans can celebrate Pujols gallant return to form with the Angels tailgate table or cornhole game - both excellent for your next tailgate party. You can get all of your official gear for this MLB season here.

But if tailgating before a game and actually hanging out in the bleachers isn’t an option, DirecTV’s Extra Innings baseball package (details on their homepage) is the best way to catch all the MLB action you could possibly want, including up to 80 games a week that wouldn’t normally be shown in your home market. With that option, it might be more tempting to just set up a TV next to the beer pong table in the garage, and letting the games begin!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

8ft Black Table with Pre-Drilled Holes

If you are a fan of playing beer pong then you will love Skip’s Garage. Our store supplies thousands of customers with all of their party needs. You can view our entire store with over 500 products here.
Many items that we offer have varying designs and themes. Some are sports themed, with a few based on rival teams like the Redsox and Yankees. There are also a lot of patriotic and armed forces tables for all of you true Americans out there. We even have floating tables so everyone can enjoy a good game of beer pong in the pool! We also offer a freezable table to keep your drinks cold throughout the entire game.
However, if you like to keep things simple, you may enjoy the basic black 8ft design with pre-drilled, recessed cup holes. Although this table is less complicated, it still has many of the wonderful features that the rest of the items do, plus the recessed holes! The table top has a sleek black laminated cover to protect it from damage and drink spills. You also get to enjoy the recessed cup holes for perfect racking and less spilling! These cups are low enough to be held in place properly, but are still high enough that it doesn’t anything about your game play. This table doesn’t just have 22 built in cup holders. When you’re done with your game, it folds into a 2ft by 2ft briefcase for easy mobility and storage!
What more could you ask for in a beer pong table?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bones Beer Pong Table

Anyone who enjoys a good party can reap the benefits from shopping at Skip’s Garage. From themed and decorative beer pong tables to a variety of tailgating items, we’ve got it covered!
Our 8 foot long tables with recessed cup holes are part of our list of top selling products. They stand 30 inches off the ground and have retractable legs so the height can be adjusted. These tables also fold into a compact 2 foot by 2 foot briefcase that can be easily carried and stored. Also, this table only weighs 23 pounds so it is very portable and easy to transport.
One design in particular is the bones table. This table has a great display of six skeletons standing around a table. The background is black with smoke drifting from one side of the table to the other. The first skeleton to the far left is wearing a backwards hat with a cigar in his mouth. Directly to the right of him, another skeleton holds his solo cup tightly and stares at the others. The rest of the skeletons appear to be engulfed in their favorite game, beer pong!  
With such an interesting design and quality manufacturing, this table is sure to be the life of your next party! Be sure to view all of the details on the product page here!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Battle of The Bay Beer Pong Table

Skip’s Garage is your ultimate party supply store. You can find anything that you need for college parties, barbeques, tailgating events or even family functions!  One of our top selling line of products is our tables with pre-drilled, recessed cup holes. This category of products consists of 8 foot long beer pong tables, all of which are pre-drilled so the cups can fit conveniently into place! This will allow you to have the perfect rack, every time. This also stops those annoying spills that you normally have to deal with.
This table stands approximately 30 inches off of the ground and the top is laminated to ensure protection and durability. It is also portable and folds into a briefcase for simple storage and mobility. It comes with a carrying handle and is easy to lift as it only weights 23 pounds. 

Our top seller in this category is our Battle of the Bay themed table. This item features both a San Francisco 49er and an Oakland Raider on opposing sides. On the 49ers’ side, a player stands hunched, gritting his teeth and glaring at his rival on the other end of the table. The 49er is holding a pick ax on the red background. The graphic then fades into grey in the center of the table where it says “Battle of the Bay” in large writing. On the Oakland Raiders’ side, the rough and tough player pumps his muscles while holding a Raiders’ twin sword, ready to attack his rival. Behind both players, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge as they stand in the water of San Francisco Bay, fists clenched, ready for battle!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Football Table with Pre-Drilled, Recessed Cup Holes!

We all know that Skip’s Garage is an outstanding place to shop for all of your party supplies. They sell many different types of beer pong tables and a whole bunch of tailgate accessories. They also have a line of tables with recessed cup holes, pre-drilled for a perfect rack and no spillage!
Just in time for the big game this weekend is their football model! Each end has a 10 cup triangle with the cup holes already cut into the table. The surface is lined like a football field, showing the yardage markers and end zones. These end zones are on either side of the table and start about halfway through the second row of cup holes. Since this table has pre-drilled holes, you will never have to worry about knocking cups over or spilling any of the tasty beverages inside! The cups will not move until someone makes a shot and it's time to drink! This is the perfect gift for any football junkie you may know. There are no team names or logos on this table so it’s perfect to bring out for every game and any fan can make good use of it. Throw on your favorite jersey and support your team today!

This table doesn’t just consist of a fantastic football field design and recessed holes, it also has aluminum retractable legs for ultimate portability! This 8 foot long table is great for every occasion. It even folds into a briefcase for easy mobility and storage. Even the weaklings can take care of putting this bad boy away as it only weighs 23 pounds! The only issue we can find with using this item is figuring out who’s supplying the beverages! Enjoy and please drink responsibly!

Friday, January 24, 2014

King of the Party

Are you the king of parties? Does everyone get really excited when they hear you are throwing one? Are yours the best? Well, we have something that will give you just a bigger edge to confirm that you are the man, or woman! 
Enter: The Air Pong Table
This is the most popular inflatable table on the market today. Beer pong is such an enjoyable game to play, and our product will help you take it to the next level. You may have seen ads for many other "comparable" tables, but what sets us apart is our excellent quality and superior manufacturing. We guarantee that every inch of this table is made with care and precision in order to ensure that you get to play the best game ever, with the most authentic product! 
We developed an item with a 7ft playing surface that is made out of durable polyvinyl to prevent tears and leaks, most other tables are only 5ft-6ft. This item will float in any body of water, or you can take it out and place it anywhere for the same game play. We also invented a plastic racking mechanism that fits right into the table to ensure a perfect rack every time, guaranteed! On top of this, there are individual cup holes on either side of the table for water cups or to stack empties, and a quick valve on the side for easy inflation and deflation. When deflated, this item will fit in your back pack so you can easily transport it anywhere. And if that wasn't enough, we even offer a 1 year warranty against all manufacturers defects! Beware of the others, ours is the only item that comes with a complete 1 year warranty!

Rest assured, if you were not the king of your parties before, there will be no doubt that using our table will change that! This is the absolute best pong product you can have to throw great parties, period!  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Portopong Blue Inflatable Pong Table

For the daring and adventurous players, our blue inflatable table from portOpong is the perfect fit! This is the first and best selling floating pong table! It was invented in 2007 and quickly became a fan favorite. It has even been featured on Good Morning America, Fox Business Network and A Good Day in LA! 

The 6 foot long, 3 foot wide and 4 inch tall float will turn any gathering into an amazing get together. There will never be a lack of enjoyment and excitement with the portOpong around! The perfect party option for pong lovers across the world! It is constructed from strong vinyl so you know it will never rip or tear. It has 22 recessed cup holes for a perfect rack and no spillage! It also features an easily accessible inflate and deflate valve for easy setup. What more could you ask for? Don't believe us? Check out the stellar reviews posted all over the internet!

At Skip's Garage, your business is our pleasure. We believe in quality service and competitive prices. We guarantee you will have a flawless experiencing when shopping with us as we work hard to ensure your satisfaction. We also have a well trained customer service staff readily available to provide any assistance you may need, so please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime! 


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Redsox vs. Yankees Beer Pong Table with Pre-Drilled Holes!

Skip’s Garage has a wide range of party supplies ranging from beer pong tables to mosaic pool mats. Skip’s is by far one of the top of the line places to shop for all of your party and tailgating needs. With their products there is no way not enjoy yourself!
One of my personal favorites is the 8ft Redsox vs. Yankees beer pong table with pre-drilled, recessed cup holes. I’ve seen many other tables that are baseball themed, but none like this particular one. Most have a simple, bland design with a baseball diamond on each side. This table however, has a great graphic display of both the Sox and Yanks baseball caps. It features each teams colors and city names on opposing sides and a nice curved baseball stitching. That’s not all! Underneath all of this you can even see each team’s jersey design. 
Not only does this table have an outstanding artistic display but it also exhibits a great amount of team spirit and even demonstrates the well-known rivalry between the two teams! Anyone who is a fan of baseball or either of these teams could appreciate this tables elegant design.
This beer pong table doesn’t just look good, it’s also incredibly durable, so you know you won’t be wasting money on an exciting new party accessory that’s going to break in the middle of the game. This table also has holes pre-drilled in it for each cup, including the rinse cup. Anyone who has ever played beer pong has experienced that unwanted spill when the ball tips the rim of a cup and knocks it over. With this table, that will not be a concern any more! These holes are drilled to fit most standard cups, holding them perfectly upright and sturdy.  This also ensures that each team gets a perfect rack at all times. There won’t be any more senseless bickering about centering the cups or rims not touching.
One of the great features of this item is that is regulation length, 8ft long by 2ft wide and 30 inches off the ground. The top is layered with a sturdy laminate for proper protection and that impeccable bounce that each player wants. It even folds up for storage into a 2ft by 2ft briefcase that only weighs 23 pounds. It also comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation. This outstanding beer pong table is the perfect addition for every party and will never disappoint! Check it out here!